Baking at Glastonbury

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It’s 6.20 in the morning. I’m walking into a huge marquee style tent filled with long banquet style tables covered with paper tablecloths. Worn fold out chairs that look like they’d flatten like Ikea furniture if anyone weighing over 40kg sat on them. I’m dressed head to toe in black despite the day’s 32 degree […]


My Year 1 Portfolio

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This is my end of year one Fashion Communication and Promotion Portfolio summarising my first year body of work, providing a sneak peak into just a few of my projects. If you fancy having a look my Issuu document is embed below!


TREND: Feral Frond Brows

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Forget eye liner. In recent months eyebrows have been the new way to mix up your make up. Whilst working on backstage make up training, Nars makeup artist Andrew Gallimore pegged ‘feral frond’, or bold graphic striped brows to be the next big brow thing. I can see this becoming a look for the more […]