Kilo Sale Killer Finds

A couple of weeks ago I heard about a vintage clothing kilo sale through someone on my course. I’d never heard of something like that before, but after being told it’s a great way to pick up vintage pieces for only £5 a kilogram, I was looking forward to checking it out.

It was in small bar/club and events venue ‘The Bodega’ in Nottingham, next door to The Braderie vintage shop. I wasn’t expecting it to be very busy – I’d seen it on a Facebook event page since hearing about it, but at the time there was only a few hundred people attending.

It was on from 12-5pm, and me and my flatmate arrived at five to 12, thinking this was early, only to be faced with the longest queue I’ve ever been patient enough to wait in.

After about an hour and a half of standing fidgeting in the cold, reassuring ourselves that it would be worth the wait and eyeing up the trickle of people emerging from the door with bags stuffed so full they could break, we got in.

The most stressful shopping environment I have experienced, mountains of clothes were laid out in no particular organisational fashion, on tables, benches and the floor. The lights were dimmed and some very stressful music was being played.

I’m not sure whether this set up was to make the event feel ‘edgy’ and cool, or whether the intention was to scare people into panic buying armfuls of clothing it was too dark to even see. More than once I felt inclined to wade through the sea of rejected Christmas jumpers and throw myself theatrically out of the front door.

You haven’t felt confusion as to whether you have a problem or a real dedication to your love of clothes, until you’ve been trapped kneeling on the floor waist-deep in fabric, with no visible way out.

Pictures above and below are my purchases. Some are admittedly impulse buys, but for £20 for everything there is no grounds to complain. The green hounds-tooth is my favourite purchase of the day, as well as the high neck peach-yellow knit.

I thought this roll-neck nude and grey striped oversize jumper dress would look great with thick black tights this winter, and I picked up this velour pale pink sports jacket for something to throw on over my gym kit. Whilst rummaging I found the black acrylic cut out ‘S’, which at first I wasn’t even sure was for sale, but whilst paying I was told it must have just been hiding in one of the ‘bales’, and I was welcome to have it, which was a nice bonus.

I will definitely be looking out for another sale like this in the future, though it’s definitely not something I could bear to do weekly!

Have you ever been to a Kilo sale?


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