The City That Never Sleeps

I have, rather ironically, just returned from the city that never sleeps. The perfect place for me since I never sleep too. I’m a combination of happy and sad to be back on UK turf. It was an exhausting and jam packed week that felt like it came to an end at the right time. It had been one of my ultimate wishes and goals to visit the US, having never been before, and I was not disappointed. As it was my first time there I felt the need to pack every stereotypical tourist destination into the 5 days given, and so the week consisted of many early starts and many late nights. Here’s  run down in picture form of what I got up to:

Flying into JFK




Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge early in the morning
Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn


I’d never even seen a picture of the 9/11 memorials so didn’t really know what to expect. The design and thought that had gone into this was incredible and captured the atmosphere and loss without being ostentatious or flashy, which would not have been true to it’s purpose.

Beautiful view of Central Park and The Plaza Hotel from the film Bride Wars (which I’ve seen just shy of a hundred times)

Where Blair and Chuck get married in Gossip Girl!

These were the only photos I took of the hotel. The second is the unused ballroom behind the lobby where we left our suitcases on the final day. In response to my previous post I have to say I am fairly certain there is something creepy going on there. I don’t believe in it and as much as I tried to use the usual excuses that it’s an old and creaky building and it’s going to make some strange noises, some just can’t be accounted for.

On the first night me and Zoe simultaneously sat bolt upright at 5am to ask ‘is there someone in the shower?!’ Whilst this can almost certainly be blamed on old pipes, the noises continued to wake us throughout the week in the form of footsteps and the sound of beads dropping continuously on the floor above.

We could’ve put this down to having inconsiderate nocturnal neighbours with some strange habits, if it weren’t for the fact we had a full list of the rooms all 120 of our course were taking up, and the unsettling stream of messages from others reporting weird noises as well. I tried to put it out of my mind as best I could, as I told myself I didn’t care about hearing things, as long as I didn’t see anything.


Rounding it off with the spectacular view from the Top of the Rock. I could’ve sat up there for hours, but with a temperature of something ludicrous like -3, the others were keen to leave after a while. Until next time, New York x


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