NYC: Denim: Fashion’s Frontier

Whilst in New York not only were we given the freedom to explore and do as we pleased, we were also given some really incredible opportunities and workshops. On the first day we were lucky enough to visit FIT, where we were able to participate in a Fragrance Workshop conducted by Virginia Bonofiglio, where we learnt about some of the scientific elements of creating a fragrance. We got to test lots of them and were told about the facilities at FIT. This was really interesting as my course offers an exchange programme with FIT for a term next year. 

We then went back on the last day for a look at the exhibitions on at the time. One of them was Denim. I am a massive fan of denim and think the way it moves with fashion to never go out of style in a way no other garment can do is fascinating.

Its described as “exploring the multifaceted history of denim and its relationship with high fashion from the 19th century to the present.”

 The exhibition featured over 70 different objects from work-wear to haute couture, and it was great to see all the different looks almost on a kind of 3 dimensional timeline.


 Denim began as an ideal fabric for work wear due to it’s durability – most famously in Levi Strauss & Co.’s clothing. The exhibit was able to demonstrate how this morphed into the denim we love today

It is speculated that on any given day, more than half the world’s population is wearing jeans.

I am a denim lover myself and 50% of my every day current wardrobe consists of black jeans. Over the summer, this came in the form of pale blue and black-grey washed mom jeans. Jeans are just so versatile for every season and occasion.

Of course one of my favourite parts of the whole exhibit was the 90’s. I fell in love with a white Moschino sweatshirt, and I dread to think about what the cost would be today. I spent the following 10 minutes searching eBay. I’m still contemplating ways in which I could thriftily recreate it.

Saskia x

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