Sunday Summary 06032016

This has been a bit of an odd and busy week, but I’m enjoying getting back into things and having deadlines to aim for and projects to focus on. This is what I’ve been getting up to in my spare time, and a few recommendations.

1. Listening:

Back in January I began occasionally listening to podcasts to try and help me get to sleep. I suppose the general idea really was to choose something so mind-numbingly boring, sleep seemed like a better and more entertaining option. However so far I’ve made a few discoveries that seem to have quite the opposite effect.

One of these being ‘The Guilty Feminist’. I listened to the first episode of this a few nights ago and was lying trying not to laugh out loud, for fear of my flatmates thinking I am weird for laughing to myself at 1 in the morning. Three episodes later and I’m mentally planning a trip to Manchester to see them live.

At the beginning of each episode there is a hilarious intro section where the two “guilty feminists”, comedians Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White, say various “I am a feminist, but” confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that underly their lofty principles. I’ve included a few of my favourites below.

I am a feminist, but in my last relationship I fought to keep up the illusion that women are magical angel fairies, by never shitting in his toilet

I am a feminist, but, sometimes I’m tired of men wanting to have sex with me just because of my personality

I am a feminist, but recently, when a man shouted “hey babe your tits look great in that top!”, I turned to express my outrage at him, and saw out of my peripheral vision, that he was talking to a much younger hotter woman. My outrage turned into disappointment, rejection, fake outrage on her behalf…. and leaving.

2. Reading: 

This is my goal for the coming weeks. I used to read religiously, and get through multiple books a week. I really miss it and need to get back into it. In the past week I’ve been reading anything on Fashion Week religiously, and the odd interesting sounding Guardian and Independant article when I have a spare minute. I need a bit of crime fiction and Sophie Hannah/Tess Gerritsen back in my life.

3. Watching:


Bates Motel. The third series was added to Netflix this week. I managed to resist for two days, before finishing the full ten episodes last night. Whoops. It’s described as a ‘contemporary prequel’ to the film Psycho, which I’ve never actually seen all the way through, so maybe that should be next on my list. I really recommend it: it’s a Netflix Original and I really feel Netflix are stepping up their game with original and gripping shows, whilst the BBC continue to fail to keep up.

Fashion in Paris ‘live’ snapchat story. I’ve really been getting into these. They’re great for keeping up with fashion week, sport, and various other things going on around the world. If you’re particularly interested in fashion, glamourmag and alluremag are also great ones to follow as they tend to get some really interesting and exclusive footage. They’re at every celebrity event and followed the red carpet at the BRITs and the Oscars this week, and as they’re such leading names they tend to get better seats and insights than bloggers.

I always used to wonder how these magazines got such accurate and consistent interviews and videos on Snapchat when I believe you’re limited to only 12 seconds, before I discovered that these social media maniacs have more than one phone…

4. Wearing:

High waisted tailored trousers. I’ve been obsessed for a while, but finding ones that fit nicely is always a bit more of a challenge. Recently I’ve been wearing these Topshop Navy Pinstripe ones (£35), as well as some plain black 100% silk ones I discovered for £15 in Taxi in Norwich when I was home last weekend. Next on the list is a pair with a tie waist.

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