Growing Old is Mandatory

Growing up is optional. ~ Chili Davis

Unfortunately the older generation in today’s society is often overlooked – in the media, in marketing and in general every day life. How many times have you seen somebody over the age of 70 patronised or ignored in everyday situations such as shopping or walking in the street?

A friend recently told me a story about her grandma, and how she will brazenly walk into any shop such as Topshop, a brand that mainly gears itself towards those under 35, and find something she likes. So boldly going against the grain of society’s norms and not allowing herself to be put off by the restricting marketing put out by these ‘young’ brands, should not make her a comedic attraction but a woman to be admired for being so confidently sure of herself and her style, and yet still the shop assistants smirked.

We often forget that these are the wisest and most experienced of our population and that actually they are not to be demeaned or forgotten about. I was browsing Instagram recently when I came across Croatian make up artist Tea Flego. What made her stand out on a platform so saturated with make up gurus was her varying choice of model. The face that filled her feed was Flego’s 80 year old grandma Livia. In her spare time alongside her clients Tea likes to treat her now named ‘glamour nana’ to a makeover, with incredible results. Whilst I have a lot of admiration for all artists on Instagram, it is one thing to be able to artfully apply make up to twenty year old skin, but to be able to work to this degree on someone of her age with such flair and accuracy needs commending.

Tea has now been credited with turning her nan into ‘the make-up inspiration for the older generation’. It’s uplifting to hear that this has turned into such a positive experience and ritual for not only Livia but now also some of her friends in the nursing home.


I think it’s important to remember that whilst make up may not equal confidence, everyone at any age can always appreciate a pick me up, and at the end of the day, make up is meant to be a tool for fun, experimentation and creativity, and this is exactly what this represents.


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