Growing up is optional. ~ Chili Davis Unfortunately the older generation in today’s society is often overlooked – in the media, in marketing and in general every day life. How many times have you seen somebody over the age of 70 patronised or ignored in everyday situations such as shopping or walking in the street? A friend recently told me a story about her grandma, and how she will brazenly walk into any shop such as Topshop, a brand that mainly gears itself towards those under 35,…Continue Reading “Growing Old is Mandatory”

TonyMoly Egg Pore Smoothing Balm, eBay (£7.62) I bought this primer a couple of months ago after reading about it on a different blog, and after learning it was her holy grail and something she relied heavily on eBay for (I’m an eBay fiend too), I figured for £7 it was worth giving a go. The Korean balm was free delivery, so after 2 long weeks (to be fair this is pretty speedy considering the distance it was travelling and pennies I had paid), it…Continue Reading “Review: £7 Korean Egg Primer”

For a long time I’ve disregarded stick on nails as a fad, and something you used to play around with when you were 10. You know the kind that came with the stickers of glue that you peeled away, and you couldn’t touch any thing without one falling off. I’ve been stuck with shameful nails that are too weak to grow, and chip too easily to paint for too long. Having tried everything, including gels and acrylics, I thought I hadn’t really got much to…Continue Reading “£1 Manicure”