I’m three weeks into my Christmas holidays, enjoying the life of luxury that is the catered, central heated, polished hotel place I call home. The only issue I have so far encountered in this paradise is that here, the washing machine complains, and subjects me to far more made-for-TV channel 5 Christmas films than I would prefer to endure. (Sorry, just joking, mum.) The one at uni doesn’t do that. Although it would be hard pressed to do anything, since it is still, four months after moving…Continue Reading “Ceiling Avalanche and Toilet Seat Surfing: All That Is Wrong With Student Letting Agencies”

Hito Steyerl’s installation explores today’s ‘world made of pictures’, and how and why we might hide within it. How Not To Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File takes the form of an instructional video. It apparently borrows elements of its public-service-announcement-like authoritative voice from the comedy series Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The video shifts freely between ‘real world’ footage and digital recreations, and this visually disorientating mix contrasted with the robotic and insipid voice delivering advice for “how to become invisible”. Some of…Continue Reading “Weekend Wandering: Hito Steyerl”

Whilst in London last week, I could not miss the opportunity to go and see the Vogue 100 exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, where British Vogue showcase the stunning range of photography commissioned by the magazine over the years, since it was founded in 1916. It was really interesting to see all the work laid out in an almost timeline format through each room, and the way the publication has developed throughout it’s ten decades of production. As I walked through the gallery I got a strong…Continue Reading “Vogue 100: A Century of Style”

The Guerrilla Girls are the feminist girl-band incarnation of Banksy, described as an anonymous activist group who highlight discrimination in the art world. It’s rare that I find a particular series or artist that communicates a message I really relate to and empathise with, whilst also possessing an air of wit and humour, making me smile and internally declare “I like that”, but the Geurrilla Girls’ work did just that. They’re like a modern-day art-world mysterious superhero trio. Their first first posters were fly-posted overnight across…Continue Reading “Weekend Wandering: Guerrilla Girls”