Its the last in my NYC series! I am a massive Gossip Girl fan, and for that reason, the MET museum and the Upper East Side were high up on my list of areas in New York I wanted to cover in my short time there. Ultimately my wish was to sit on the MET steps much like Blair and Serena’s pre-school ritual and stare, looking equally cultivated and debonair, into the municipal beyond. Unfortunately it is incredibly challenging in reality to do this when wearing so…Continue Reading “NYC: The MET”

I have a few more street style images I took last week that I think are worth sharing! I also want to start making regular street style posts, as my last one went down quite well. I really love constantly being on the lookout for things I find inspiring, and whilst these photos are still sitting a little on the ‘outerwear’ theme, any in the future will just be style I like. I now really really need a pair of tie-waist trousers. And a tie-waist coat. Is…Continue Reading “Street Style Sunday 06122015”